May 05, 2009

hmmmmmm a prize pack will go to my 1,500 twitter follower.... who will it be? :)

hmmmmmm a prize pack (value of $40 plus) will go to my 1,500 twitter follower.... who will it be? :)

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March 16, 2009

FREE shipping on ANY size order

FREE shipping on ANY size order (even orders as low as $1) from my Avon shop! Just enter coupon code "clover". Sale ends midnight 3/17/08!

Why leave the house? You can order your basics like shampoo, conditioner, chapstick and sunblock. You can order a little something to cheer you up, or give as a gift. Order Easter presents! The best part is... no driving, no gas money, no looking for a parking space and no pressure to spend alot of money- cause there is NO minimum for the FREE shipping! Buy a 69cent chapstick if you want to! This is a great sale and I wanted to pass this rare offer on to you!

Happy Shopping!

February 06, 2009

25 Random things about me (from facebook)

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So the following "25 Random things" post has been circling facebook for weeks now. I have finally had the sleep, or maybe the insomnia to do it. :) Instead of "tagging" people, just comment 1 random thing about yourself!

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January 26, 2009

place a #spoonie on your posts on twitter to find other spoonies!!

Hi Guys,

If you post on***If you are a spoonie then please put #spoonie after or in your tweets (on twitter I am @bydls) to find other spoonies easily.****. Then when you search you can easily find #spoonie and that will bring up any spoonies who need help, support, friendship etc. It is an easy way for those of us who are members of to find each other on twitter-- but also for us to spread the spoonie word. 2 good things for the price of 1! :) lol

I started it today-- and it has worked-- I "met" 4 new followers that are board members here- and are on there too. But also then it started conversations with people asking what the spoonies are, or what the spoon theory is! How cool is that! I sent them links and it made people think, smile,talk. so great!

So remember after a spoonie type post put #spoonie -- and whatch the love you get in return. Karma is a funny thing.

also- FYI-- if people do ask you for the spoon theory.. you can always direct them easily to that page by sending them to I just recently bought the domain name and it is easy to remember/ type etc.


Thank you!

January 05, 2009

How cute is this? Spoon necklace from

How cute is this? My sister in law bought me this spoon necklace from Urban Outfitters! I think it is so pretty to wear with anything, and I just had to share it with all of you!

Spoon Neclace from Urban Outfitters


Happy Shopping!

December 29, 2008 has over 5,500 "fans" on facebook!

Can you believe that has over 5,500 fans on facebook! I just took a look at the fan page (I am working on a facebook contest) and I couldn't beleive how we how slowly grown into a huge group on facebook. I am so excited and proud of how this website and newsletter have grown!

Are you a fan? click here to become a fan- or to "share" the fact that you are a fan.

Heck, who knows... maybe we can hit 6,000! :)

Until next time,